Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I can move on now

I met someone two weeks ago. It was at my birthday celebration. It was like something out of a romance novel. Two people looking at each other across a crowded room, making eye contact and feeling that instant connection. I was sitting in a restaurant with all of my friends that came out to celebrate my birthday with me. We're having drinks, we're laughing, and I see this handsome man walking back and forth towards the back of the restaurant. He was sitting at the bar but because of where I was sitting a column was blocking my view so I could not tell if he was with anyone. But on the next trip down my way that he took I looked him directly in the eye and smiled. He smiled back. Later he came over and introduced himself. He ordered me a drink. He asked what I would like. I was so flustered feeling like a teenager again that I said "I'd like a red cab." He looked around and said "Hmmm....I don't see any red cabs. Hey bartender, do you see any red cabs out front?" He smiled and laughed but in a good way. And I am blushing redder than a red cab. "What I meant was I would like a house cab. Duh. All cabernets are red. stupid," I was thinking." I was trying to be all smooth. Instead I slipped and fell right into the arms of this great guy who I later met up with and we spent the rest of the night dancing, talking, having more drinks, and eating pancakes into the wee late hours.

Then this past weekend we went out on Friday night and I had the best date in I don't even know how long. My guy's name is Dave. He's 47. I have never dated anyone so much older than me. Well except for that crusty, white-bread, little man six months ago who met me for lunch and then proceeded to tell me how rotten his ex-wife was. Dave has a few ex's of his own but then so do I even if I wasn't married but to one of them. In this modern world it seems like husbands and wives no longer have just names but numbers too that come after their titles.
Hello, my name is ........ wife #3
And my name is ..........husband #2

Dave and I made an instant connection. And part of me is seeing stars. And the other part is wanting to run as far away as possible because I am not used to being treated so well. But no I will stand my ground. Dave asked me to be his girlfriend Sunday night and I accepted. Exclusive. That means all this other crap that's been messing with my head must all end. NOW! All this going back and forth with the two Michaels must end. I will not tie myself to an impossible. I will go for the real. Dave is real. He likes me, he says he loves being with me and I will respond. I've already responded with my body and my heart. Don't ask me how or why. He is not artistic nor creative in the sense that I am with all the things that I do. But so what? No man is the perfect man. And what do I want with someone who is exactly like me? Even I can't stand me sometimes to where I just want to take off my skin and shake it out like a rug. I need someone who will balance me out. Dave can do that. He's handsome, responsible, has his own business, is smart, sensible, and well, let's just say 47-year olds can still go for an hour and 45 minutes just like a 27 year old can.

Ah, wicked girl. Thinking of what occured after the drinks, the sushi, the dancing, and the trip back to your house of love? Oh yes.......and I hope to repeat it this weekend. A new chapter is being written as we speak. The pages are smudged with the ink from my pens. My fingers are stainded with all the ink I spill. My words burn within me. Dave has come at last into my life. And I do not say this to be a doomsayer, but even if it doesn't work out then I still enjoyed the ride.

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