Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Something dodgy this way comes

That jerk Dave has utterly pissed me off now. My so called "boyfriend" has not called me since Saturday. I haven't seen him in over a week or really talked to him. The last time he was here was Mon. the 14th of Nov. I didn't see him this past weekend because he said it was his weekend with his daughter. Perfectly understandable. BUT, I attended a conference at Montogomery College in the Woodlands this past Saturday. He told me he lived in the Woodlands. After my conference let out I called him and he said he was just at home with his daughter. Did he invite me over? No. I told him I was off all week (one of the perks of working in education) and that we would have more time to see each other. He said this was a bad week for him, work, closings, work, daughter, blah, blah, blah... Then I told him I was leaving Thursday for Austin to spend Thanksgiving with my brothers and my parents and I would like to see him at least once before I go. "When do I get to see you, daddy", I asked. Laughing he answers, "We'll have to put it into the court order."

He has not made any effort to contact me, to see me, or even to find out how I am. I resolved not to call him. And it's been three damn days, again, that Mr. Mysterious has ducked out of the picture. I am beginning to have a nasty suspicion that either he is married and lied to me about it or he has not overcome his Type-A workaholic personality. Damn him. See, asshole, this is why I don't date more men. What for? They turn out to be lying, cheating dogs. If he had just shown more interest and tried a little harder then I would have accepted him despite the obvious differences between us. But no. He came, we went to bed, and now he's gone.

That's okay though because I am not shedding one tear for him. Or blaming myself for anything because I did nothing wrong. I am pissed off but I wish he could see me now. I am not waiting by the phone like some deranged Japanese girl waiting for the call back from the Audition (film reference) I am making plans with my friends everyday this week, and getting ready for my weekend in Austin where my brothers always show me a good time. He once told me that his ex-wife got pissed off at him for some infraction he did and took a pair of scissors to one of his best $500 suits and cut it to ribbons. Oh, poor baby. Some silk and thread got mutilated and he was hurt. I don't need to use scissors to cut up men's suits. Why? Those things are replaceable. Far worse to use my barbed wit to cut him deeply where it hurts the most and from which it takes longer to recover. Straight to the ego, pride, and heart of him. Fancied yourself a good lover, eh? Truthfully, you were so, so. Not that I didn't enjoy it but it could have been better. Well, now you will never know just how good it could have been. Your loss, dear Dave. Not mine.

And so I move on. I know that one day I will find the right man for me. Not all men are lying, cheating dogs. Look at Michael W. He wanted to but resisted. That's who I want but since I can't have him then I will ask for one just like him but stipulate that he must be single and available for me. Too bad I can't clone him.

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