Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Give me a reason

My jaw aches from chewing this gum that I found in another teacher's desk. It was almost the last one. I left her one in the package. I never chew gum but today my restless body needs something to do. And it is never a good idea to roll around on the floor in front of people who simply won't understand.

AGHHHHH, I open my mouth wide and sit here, clacking away on these keys, listening to all these people moan, whine, complain, crabby-assed, bitter, old women, too much crap has been taken and none of it let out. I at least have my escapist fantasies to keep me amused. I envision myself walking through a bog, the muck catching at my legs, wanting to pull me down. The mud glues my hair to my forehead, it's so long that it catches in the roots, painfully it gets yanked from my scalp. But I continue to trudge through because I have to reach the other side. If I sink what then?

What utter desperation on my part to simply fill up these empty spaces with words that come from nowhere but ultimately have a destination in mind.

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