Friday, December 22, 2006

Much needed sleep

After surviving another school semester I came home yesterday afternoon and fell asleep around 5:30pm and didn't wake up until 7:30am this morning. I haven't slept that many hours in a long time. My body finally just said "Enough. You're taking some time out." I slept like the dead. And dreamed of crazy things. But it's been such an emotional roller-coaster for me these last few months. I still haven't found a teaching job. I still haven't settled down with that right special someone. Yet things could be worse so I am glad for what I have.

I am going to be spending a few days next week in Austin. I will be spending some time with an ex-boyfriend who after three years still carries the torch. I need those few days of utter bliss. I don't want to think about my financial problems, my lack of success at finding a teaching job, or the fact I opened my mouth and let the words out that should have remained sealed. I would rather just enjoy spending time with a good person whom I care about, enjoy a little holiday cheer with my family, and son, and start 2007 with a clean slate. I have many projects on my plate and I need to completely get naked and wind down before I wind up to the fever pitch I get myself in when things are speeding down a rail like a runaway train.

I am going to get super-busy very quickly in 2007 and so need a few days to zone out. Hopefully I will have access to the internet and can update from Austin next week. Until then Merry Winter Solstice Christmas Kwanza Hanukkah Ramadan.

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