Friday, April 29, 2005

Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror

Today he said I had a beautiful face
Today he said I was many things
Today he said that not everyone is so strong or understanding
Meaning he or she?
Does it matter?

For all the things that were left unsaid:
I want you selfishly for me alone
I want you by my side for always
I want you there to hear me cry the tears of rage I feel deep down inside
I want you to hold me in the night when I wake up in terror
Screaming and clawing at my eyes
I want your body simply to make me forget the world outside exists
I want you to dare to open all the boxes of my being and not run away
I want you to want me fiercely for that is the only way I know to be wanted
I want your mind
I want your soul

Until you learn to ask for what you want for you
Then you will never have me
I know what I want
Do you?

1 comment:

Mickey said...

We ware thinking about naming our next record "Terror is the beginning of beauty", what do you think?

the Salt licks, Vermont