Thursday, October 19, 2006

PS2 is the devil

My ten-year old son and I have got a new addiction. Playing SIMS 2 on PS2. Who needs drugs when you've got game systems that bring out the addict gene in everyone? This particular game is all about creating a virtual world in which you create a character, name her, create her look, give her aspirations, goals, and other things in life to look forward to and then try your best to live a happy SIM life. You start out in a house with 3 roommates and then you have to complete all your tasks in order to advance through the game. Although to the completely uninitiated in game playing it may sound dull it is in fact quite amazing that you are basically playing a cyber-reality of yourself. You have to look for a job, earn money, keep your house clean, take care of your personal hygiene issues, have entertainment, have lots of friends and even, believe it or not, try to bed down as many SIMS as possible, if you choose the romance aspiration that is.

The other night I stayed up until 2am playing it. I couldn't stop. My son stayed up until midnight. All this on a school night when we had to get up the next day and go to work/school. I feel like a bad mom. But a cool one at that because I can get into playing with my kid on his game system.

Even in the SIMS world it's not that easy having a social life, having a job, keeping up with your house, and all that other stuff. Real life and cyber life are just as hard. Personally when I play I like to be a slut-puppy. Why not? It's just a fantasy. No one in the game is going to be calling me names the next day. LOL. It's to make up for the utterly boring life I am now leading. So boring in fact that I wonder just how many people really stumble across my blog and actually read it start to finish? I could talk about politics. World affairs. I could spill my secrets out onto the cyber page. Not that I have any. At least none recently worth keeping a secret. I am in love with a man I can't have. There, that's one not-so-secret. So what? A lot of people are in that boat. I love someone else too and he loves me, I think, but he will never admit it. And though I may love him he's not what I want. So I ask myself what's the point of loving him if we can't even spend one night together because he has to rush off and be in bed by a certain hour so his other girlfriend won't find out about us? That's easy to answer. I love him because I can. Because I want to. But just because I love him doesn't mean I want this particular man for my life-time partner. It's the ultimate paradox.

I could keep on spouting love theories. But better to save it for another blog dedicated to only love.

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