Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tired of my own skin

Ever have those days when you walk around and it feels like you're tramping in the same muck? You move in circles and see that the bottom of your shoes are filthy from the same treads you've made a thousand times. Oh to lay down fresh tracks! I so desire to get out of my own safe circle of being and explore a new place. A few days after school let out I found myself at home. I slept late, I moved about my little house, content but so very angry and uncontent. I wanted to go somehwere but I couldn't think of a single place in this huge city that I live in that I haven't seen hundreds of times before. This city, my city, it is my second skin. I live it and breathe it every day. I walk among its streets and trees moving within the elastic of my body. I stop to admire the views but it is still the same view that I've seen.

I want to experince something new. Each and every day I want to feel a different sensation upon my flesh. I want to breathe smells coming up from ground I haven't trudged upon. I want to see visions that come from a place I discover within the confines of this sprawling city with its limbs spread wide but still by its sides.

I want to live a different life from my own just for a short while. I know I would miss my own life and I would want to return to it but I really want to try out another life. Like a new dress. I want to wear a different name for a day. I want to be Rebecca. My clothes would have to change too. Rebecca wears designer clothes only. Coco Channel. And she wears high heels, red lipstick, and gets her nails done once a week. She is utterly insupportable. She barks at every one around her, she orders people around like they are her own personal slaves, and she expects the world to grovel at her feet. She came home one day and found the maids trying to fix a huge mess they'd made in the kitchens. Rebecca screamed at them for 20 minutes, reducing them to tears, and ordered them out of the house and never to return. She didn't pay them their last wages, she didn't even let them get their belongings. She is a horrible person indeed. But the worst thing she ever did was to whip her pool man with a leather strap. The man actually left one leaf in the pool and when he tried to reach for it she caught him across the right cheek with her strap. He fell into the pool and when he came up he was bleeding and crying. Wrethced woman he yelled. He pulled himself up from the pool and staggered away still cursing her name.

Rebecca woke up with a frightened gasp. She'd been ahving such terrible nightmares that she was this awful, rich, despotic, bitch that everyone despised. She reached over to pull on her terrycloth robe, a bit frayed and worn, but still her favorite, and walked downstairs to the kitchen. She started a pot of coffee going while she went to the front door to get the newspaper. She brought it back in, poured herself a cup of coffee, sat down at the table, and opened the paper. The coffee cup fell out of her hand when she looked at her own face blaring up at her from the newsprint with the headline "Heiress arrested for murder of magnate husband."

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