Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is what I do

Last night I went to Taft St. Coffee house to hear some poetry from the local poet's scene. It was amazing! I have been a part of another poet's group that meets every month for the past three years. While I have learned a great deal from that group and we have formed a bond it was refreshing to go out and hear other voices. I was particulary impressed with a young group of poets who call their group Meta-Four. They are talented, fresh, and speak directly from the heart. Sometimes I think the world of writers is such a lonely one and we hole up in our rooms writing our poems and it gets frustrating when the words just won't form a cohesive flow. I know I sometimes feel my poetry is forced. But these energetic young people have that spark that comes from youth and their experiences. It's great. I enjoyed myself and they just serve as inspiration to keep doing what I do.

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